Downtown Joey isn’t your typical boy.  He’s the little boy you’re absolutely smitten with.


He may be headed for Harvard, but no one at the lunch table would ever dare to call him a geek.  And while he adores his mother, a momma’s boy, he’s not.


So just who is this kid?  He’s the little guy who is even cuter than the boy next-door and twice as mischievous.  He’s your Downtown Joey.


Downtown Joey designer and lifelong artist, Lisa Carroccio, was born and raised in New York City.  It was there she first fell in love with urban style and sensibility. Cookie-cutter outfits just wouldn’t do for her.  Her mother, who struggled to get her very fashionable daughter out the door and to school on time each day, can attest to this.  And today, that very same steadfastness and style is helping to fill a void in the boy’s clothing market.


This line of quality- and fashion-driven clothing is available in boy’s sizes 2T to 8 in upscale children’s clothing boutiques across the country.


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